Re-elect Jim Coppinger for Hamilton County Mayor - Home

Leadership you can count on.

I am committed to serving the people of Hamilton County. As we strive for excellence together, you can feel confident that I will continue to uphold the standards we have created and that I will work for an even brighter future.

Fiscally Conservative

My administrative experience in managing multi-million dollars budgets qualifies me to make the best decisions with your tax dollars. This year's Hamilton County budget is $665.3 million dollars, the third budget I have created with NO recommendation of a property tax increase. I believe we should not increase the burden on taxpayers before making every possible effort to find an alternative solution.

Working Together

I strongly believe in positive productive working relationships with local, state and federal governments. Equally important are the cooperative partnerships with the private sector and foundations which make our county progressive and attractive. Together we will continue to make Hamilton County a better place to live, work and play.

Economic Growth

I will continue to champion efforts which attract both large and small businesses to our county. We have created 7,016 jobs, and companies have invested over $382,800,000 in Hamilton County during my tenure. These jobs and investments were accomplished by more than 80 new or expanding businesses located throughout our county.

Fire department canned food drive

Community Outreach

I support programs and partnership that help citizens of Hamilton County. There are numerous non-profit organizations and agencies that feed, cloth, shelter and provide medical care for our most venerable population. This support cast fills a tremendous void where services are needed in our county.

Loftis essay winners.

Improving Public Education

Providing a quality education to our students is imperative to the future of Hamilton County. This year we have budget 393.2 million dollars for public education's operating budget. In addition, we have made available 50 million new dollars for a new elementary school and 3 additions to existing schools. Collectively, we have committed 100 million dollars for school construction during my tenure. Better education means better jobs.

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Honoring Those Who Serve

I am extremely proud of our men and women in uniform, and I will continue to honor our veterans and those currently serving our country both at home and abroad. Our greatest heroes are those who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives to protect our freedom.